Live Earth: A Debriefing

By July 8, 2007Global Warming
  • Polling by Rasmussen Reports discovers that the public didn’t care. “Just 22% said they followed news stories about the concert Somewhat or Very Closely. Seventy-five percent (75%) did not follow coverage of the event. By way of comparison, eight-in-ten voters routinely said they were following news coverage of the recent Senate debate over immigration.
  • Hot Air asks whether Tipper Gore — former campaigner for cleaning up rock music — approved of her husband’s choice of bands, including such cultural detritus as Snoop Dogg and Akon. Now you’re asking? Here’s our headline from March: “‘Live Earth’ and Snoop Dogg: Does Tipper Know?
  • In Australia, $50 a beer? “Scores were seen leaving within the first two hours of the nine-hour festival, fed up with the lack of basic services, cutting their losses on a $99 ticket. Gate attendants were heard telling the human tide that they should complain to the promoter.
  • Scott Johnson of the Powerline blog analyzes Yusuf’s (Cat Stevens) appearance, citing Deborah Solomon’s interview this year in the The New York Times Magazine as revealing of his continued support for Hamas.
  • Chris Rock comments, “I pray that this event ends global warming the same way that Live Aid ended world hunger.” Rock is being criticized for his foul language on stage. Snoop escapes the attention.
  • Reuters: “Earth underwhelmed by environment pop extravaganza”
  • We’ve devoted blog space to “Live Earth” because all the good intentions and glittery rock performances in the world cannot hide the fact that Al Gore organized the concerts in pursuit of a radical legislative and foreign policy agenda — the “Seven Point Pledge” — that would destroy the economy and impoverish millions, if not billions. The mainstream media dropped the ball, choosing to promote the events as feel-good global activism instead of the PR for revolution they were. To the extent the concerts fell flat ….good.

    UPDATE (10:15 p.m.): From Hamburg:

    Admittedly, you didn’t hear much of the concert’s message, climate protection, from the artists. For example, stadium announcer and comic singer Lotto King Karl celebrated with “Hamburg, My Pearl,” as if he were tackling climate protection the same way he’d get the crowd going at a home game against Bavaria. And among the audience there were certainly more pop fans that climate activists. That the concert was against climate change, well, the most you could say was, eh, it didn’t hurt anything. In fact, you hardly noticed it. “We’re still drinking beer from plastic cups, and the sponsor is an automaker — I did picture things as being a little different,” one onlooker said.

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    • carter says:

      That’s why the “corporatist” qualifier was so important!

    • Kerfuffles says:

      I’m a fascist; you’re a fascist; he’s a fascist; we’re ALL fascists now as there is no one alive who knows the original meaning of the word “fascist” and the current usage of the word “fascist” has become corrupted into meaninglessness.

    • Larry Tagrin says:

      Your “Live Earth: A Debriefing” was a typical piece of spin which could have been written by Tony Snow or Scooter Libby before the concert even ran. You miss the point of the event, misstate what was going on, and generally acted like an Ostrich.

      Fortunately, you have no credibility outside of your own little circle of corporatist fascists pining for the days of the gilded age.

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