Ledbetter: Lawsuits for Everyone, Forever

By July 30, 2007Energy

Scheduled for a House vote as early as this evening is H.R. 2831, the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Sponsors are selling it as a simple legislative fix of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., but the bill actually blows years of employment law out of the water. (To see an example of the purposely misleading arguments for the bill, check out the People for the American Way activities – There’s even a “Correct the Court” website.) The bill effectively eliminates any statute of limitations on filing employment discrimination claims, inviting frivolous lawsuits ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Yet another trial lawyer full-employment act.

Congress didn’t write deadlines into employment law just to be mean and capricious. Deadlines not only provide certainty for an employer, they also help correct problems. If an aggrieved employee waits for years to charge employment discrimination, the violations might go unrecognized and unaddressed.

Our NAM’s Key Vote Letter is available here, and the one-page Manufacts is here. To contact your House member, please click here.

Bad bill, and the misrepresentation is even worse.

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