Ledbetter Act Passes, 225-199

By July 31, 2007General

A largely partyline vote on H.R. 2831, the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which rewrites employment discrimination law in favor of litigiousness. Not a surprise, really. Senate passage should be more difficult, and as noted below, the President has indicated he will veto the bill.

We’ll post the roll call as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE (3:45 p.m.) You can see the roll call results here. Two Republicans voted aye, Don Young of Alaska and Christopher Shays of Connecticut. Six Democrats voted no: Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Allen Boyd of Florida, Nancy Boyda of Kansas, Bud Cramer of Alabama, Nick Lampson of Texas and Tim Mahoney of Florida. Congratulations to the six for sticking up for their constituents.

UPDATE (5:40 p.m.) The NAM’s news release is available online here. Debriefing around here, our policy people think this was a strong showing by opponents of the bill, helping the cause when it goes to the Senate.

UPDATE (6:15 p.m.) Everybody’s getting it wrong. Here’s the AP account:

WASHINGTON—The House voted Tuesday to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision limiting the time that workers have to sue their employers for pay discrimination.

No, incorrect. That’s how the supporters describe it — inaccurately. More accurate: Spurred by a recent Supreme Court decision, the House voted to rewrite employment discrimination law removing deadlines for filing complaints. Something like that.

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