Judge’s Jodhpurs, Pearson’s Pants, Suer’s Slacks

By July 11, 2007Briefly Legal

Just happened across the motion for attorney’s fees from the Chungs, the D.C. drycleaners who were sued by an administrative law judge, Roy Pearson, for $54 million because they supposedly lost his pants. Pretty good writing…for a lawyer.

Since the filing of his frivolous Original Complaint, Plaintiff has consistently sought to harass and intimidate Defendants and unnecessarily drive up Defendants’ litigation costs in what should have been a very simple small claims court matter. From his outrageous demands for compensation (initially over $50,000 to then over $100,000 to then over $67,000,000 to finally over $54,000,000) to his amazingly voluminous discovery and motions practice to his unconscionable continual disregard for the Court’s Orders, Plaintiff’s motives have been clear – quite simply, to harass Defendants and to attempt to utterly destroy their lives.

Plaintiff, an administrative law judge and attorney, should have known better.

Simply put, Defendants ask the Court to compensate the parties who have truly suffered throughout this bizarre odyssey – the Chungs. Although the Court’s complete defense verdict vindicates the Chungs legally, it certainly does not erase the emotional and financial toll this litigation has taken on them.

The Chungs are asking for $83,000. You can see the full motion here (in .pdf form), courtesy the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.

The Chungs’ attorney is Chris Manning, whom we recently had on the NAM’s radio program, “America’s Business.” We’re featuring that interview today on Americasbusinessblog, our new audio blog that highlights the best clips and interviews from the program. Check it out here. And after that, why not take a look at the website set up to help the Chungs, Chungfundraiser.com.

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