John Snow’s First Car Was ….

By July 18, 2007General

desoto.jpgFormer Treasury Secretary John Snow, now head of the Cerberus, the private equity firm, just finished a speech at the National Press Club.

More useful discussion of CAFE standards, but for now, here’s his answer to the last question, posed by Jerry Zremski, the Press Club president:

Zremski: Are there any plans to bring back the K Car? (laughter)

Snow: I remember that car well, and many, many other Chrysler cars that you all know. My first car was a DeSoto, a 1947 DeSoto, very few people were even …Glen, you and I were around then, but …(laughter), but very few others…I can’t give a specific answer on that, but I can tell you that we are going to be focused on producing really high-quality, good cars that America, that Americans will want to drive.

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