It’s Science: Baltimore Orioles Doomed

By July 12, 2007Global Warming

The birds, that is, not the baseball team. That the American League team is doomed isn’t news, that’s a constant in our daily lives. It would hardly rate such prominent play as page A4 of today’s The Washington Post. The paper reports that global warming’s horrors are going to send the lovely songbirds north to Nunavut.

People in Philadelphia would swelter through as many as 30 days with temperatures higher than 100 degrees each summer. The Northeastern ski industry, except for western Maine, would probably go out of business. And spruce and hemlock forests — as well as songbirds such as the Baltimore oriole — would all but disappear from New Jersey to the Canadian border.

These are among the conclusions of a two-year study by the public interest group Union of Concerned Scientists on the effects of global warming in the Northeast if current greenhouse gas emission patterns worldwide continue unabated. Winters would be on average 8 to 12 degrees higher by the end of the century, and summers 6 to 14 degrees higher.

One recoils in horror. This is disaster of Kevin Costner “Waterworld” proportions. We must do everything, no matter how drastic, no matter how many jobs it may kill. We must cut carbon dioxide emissions beyond even one-fifth of their current level, soon, even if the technology doesn’t exist. We must call on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to free us from our treasonous ways.

But…hold on. Just wait. That report is by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Union, OK, that means group. OK. Concerned, well…sure, we’re all concerned. And scientists….so we have to take them seriously, right?

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world. For more than 35 years, we have brought together the knowledge and power of the scientific community with the passion of concerned citizens to address our country’s—and the world’s—most critical environmental, security, and health issues. Joining UCS offers you a unique opportunity to contribute to innovative and practical solutions. Please join us today.

What, it’s not a group of scientists? The union is just a group of passionated, concerned citizens, who support “science-based” stuff? The name is a misnomer (as Blogger Emeritus Pat Cleary so often pointed out)?

For the Post and other media to give such prominent, serious attention to yet another doom-mongering report from yet another alarmist group about yet another disaster just demonstrates that the media have bought into the cause, in the process abandoning their critical, objective faculties. You could see it with “Live Earth” — It wasn’t until the concerts bombed that the media started asking more probing questions.

Union of Concerned Scientists? Heck, anyone can join, right?

As a matter of fact …

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