Houston Chronicle: Five Questions with John Engler

By July 31, 2007Energy

NAM President John Engler travelled to Texas last week, meeting with member companies and getting the lay of the Texas manufacturing land. He also had time to sit down with some folks with The Houston Chronicle, which devotes more (quality) space to energy coverage than any other daily newspaper in the United States. Engler’s comments on energy are timely, given the anticipated debate in the House this week.

Q: Your group has publicly opposed the increases in fuel economy called for under the U.S. Senate’s current energy bill. In your mind, what would be a more reasonable proposal?

A: What’s reasonable is a comprehensive approach, not one that takes different aspects of policy and has them be disconnected. Right now, there are so many conversations going on, and different people have different parts of the puzzle. And we’re trying to add all those up to make them all fit. This isn’t just trying to have an environmental group say we’re happy with you because you’ve delivered on this promise. What’s at stake are literally thousands and thousands of jobs in the U.S. economy.

The Governor talks more energy, employee skills, and the overall challenges facing manufacturing in the United States.

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