Friday Follies: The Skeletor Show

By July 27, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesHe Man and the Masters of the Universe is to the 1980s what, well, what’s the best analogy? Space Ghost was to the 1960s? Race Bannon?

Anyway, He Man was an obviously cool cartoon show — to kids, at least — who is now recalled fondly but also a fit topic for satire. And the world’s leading Masters of the Universe satirist is Daniel Geduld of Flying Squid Studios and author of “The Skeletor Show,” a series of cartoon mash-ups available on You Tube.

We caught The Grammar Lesson, over at The Corner — hanged not hung! — and hunted down the rest. There’s Skeletor’s take Frank Langella and more! Bjorn, I’m tellin’ ya, this is going to be the Best Westchester Kennel Club ever. (Episode 9.)

Some of the episodes have bad language, but they’re all pretty darn funny. So this Friday, our Follies are The Skeletor Show. It breaks reality.

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