Europe Shows the Way — Toward CAFE Failure

By July 12, 2007Energy, Global Warming

From Henry Payne at Planet Gore:

While U.S. lawmakers try to impose a 35 mpg mandate on US manufacturers by 2020, it’s worth noting that similar mandates – enacted 17 years ago – are now failing even in heavily gas-taxed Europe.

On the global warming-mad European continent, fuel efficiency is measured by carbon dioxide emissions rather than miles-per-gallon, and the European Commission has mandated 120 grams/kilometer (equivalent to a staggering 62 mpg) by 2012.

They aren’t going to make it.

European pretensions — or more charitably, aspirations — notwithstanding, the policy discussions and political debate in the EU sounds remarkably similar to that in the United States.

Read the whole thing.

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