Energy in the U.K. — New PM OKs Nuclear Power

By July 5, 2007Energy

Britain’s new prime minister, Gordon Brown, says more nuclear energy. Brief news item here, based on this exchange from Wednesday’s parliamentary question time:

Sir Menzies Campbell: When I look at the Prime Minister’s door it appears to be more of a trap door than anything else—so there is not much evidence of change there. Will the Government now abandon their headlong rush towards a new generation of nuclear power stations? Will they undertake to tax pollution more than earnings? …

The Prime Minister: Surely the events of the past year should make it clear to everyone that we cannot rely on an energy policy that makes us wholly dependent on one or two countries or regions across the world. That is why we have made the decision to continue with nuclear power, and why the security of our energy supply is best safeguarded by building a new generation of nuclear power stations.

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