Domestic Energy, Decreasing Foreign Dependence

By July 11, 2007Energy

An energy realist took to the House floor this morning, offering a refreshing precis of the energy policies the United States needs for a healthy economy. Representative Mike Conaway of Texas compressed a lot of good facts into one minute of speaking.

Most credible estimates of future energy supplies for this country indicate that by 2025 we will still be importing millions of barrels of crude oil and refined products every single day. That scenario is not positive for America. We should begin today looking at policies that decrease our dependence on foreign crude oil…policies that increase domestic production of crude oil…policies that increase the private investment in domestic production of all energy sources, including crude oil and natural gas…policies which will help stabilize prices to consumers, both for gasoline and electricity.

Any policy that we look at that does the opposite, that increases our dependence on foreign crude oil, reduces domestic production and reduces private investment in sources of energy, and arbitrarily increases prices to consumers, must be challenged and opposed. These policies are important. They do not wear party jerseys; they’re the right answer for America. It is our job to get those policies in place.

Watch the video here.

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