Cool Stuff Being Made: Corvette America

By July 7, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

CorvetteAmerica.gifThe epitome of American cool could well be the Corvette, Chevrolet’s great sports/muscle/racing car, such an icon that there’s even a National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

But with decades of history and cars being passed from one owner to another, there’s bound to be a high demand for replacement parts and add-ons for the beloved vehicles, and that’s where this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made” company comes in.

Our video documentary features Corvette America, a manufacturer and distributor of after-market parts for Corvettes. As the company’s website explains:

Our 55,000 square foot facility in Milroy, Pennsylvania allows us to produce more reproduction Corvette interior components than all other sources combined! Just think about how that benefits you… a complete selection of components designed and built to match each other and your original interior – and the savings associated with professional-scale production! It’s just a better way of achieving perfect results.

After a quick introduction by the company president, David Hall, we get an hourlong tour of the factory and more from John Weaver, vice president.

As always, thanks to our pals at the Pennsylvania Cable Network for providing the documentary. Always lots going on in the world of PA MFG.

To see this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made,” please click here.

UPDATE (4:50 p.m.): We’ve bumped this to the top of the day’s postings because it’s a positive reflection of a productive America.

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