Card Check: A Tough Editorial

By July 16, 2007Labor Unions

The Denver Post takes the state’s members of Congress to task, that is, the ones who voted for the preposterously named Employee Free Choice Act, scoring Rep. Mark Udall and Sen. Ken Salazar by name. It’s one tough editorial, particularly aggressive toward the binding-arbitration provisions.

The proposal… contained an offensive and little-known provision that would have allowed a government arbitrator to impose a two-year contract on businesses and workers that actually specified wages and working conditions. Neither the employer nor the workers could appeal the decision.

The government has no place mandating how much private employers, for example, pay for their employees’ health insurance.

Good for the Post for picking up on that provision, which would have encouraged unions to make outrageous demands and then drag their heels, hoping that a federal arbitrator would impose terms favorable to the union.

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