And a $1,000 Per Diem, Please — For Gore’s Aide

By July 20, 2007Global Warming

The Smoking Gun, a popular website that collects public domain documents and detritus that serve mostly to embarrass, has obtained a copy of the standard speaker’s contract for arranging appearances by former Vice President Al Gore. For $100,000 plus expenses, including unrestricted first-class travel, you can get a 75-minute multimedia presentation on global warming.

To be fair, these kind of contracts usually go into some embarrassing detail: Sheryl Crow, for example, demands one pint soy milk AND a bottle of Makers Mark Bourbon on Mondays.

Still, Gore’s five-page contract just oozes self importance.

The Sponsor will also pay for first class hotel accommodations for Vice President Gore plus one additional individual. The Sponsor will be responsible for meals, phone calls and any other related expenses for Vice President Gore and one additional individiual. The Sponsor will pay for all ground transportation, which is to be provided by a professional car service, including ground transportation to and from airports of origin and destination. The car will be a sedan, NOT an SUV. In addition, sponsor will make best effort to use hybrid car for Vice President Gore’s transportation in any city of engagement. The Sponsor will pay a $1,000 per diem per agenda day for VP Vice President Gore’s Advisor for meals, phone calls, and any other related expense.

That’s a pretty darn good per diem.

Gore is demanding radical social and economic change to save the world from catastrophe. Everyone else must sacrifice…except for Gore.

Oh, and the client paying $100,000 for his Powerpoint presentation? The University of California-San Diego. That’s taxpayers’ dollars at use.

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  • carter says:

    What are you talking about? This is clearly written specifically for Al Gore. Read the thing…specific demand after specific demand and requirement.

  • Vicki Stein says:


    I’ve hired speakers in the past for a manufacturing company at which I used to work (until I left for the health care field), and I can tell you that I’ve had to provide perks such as first class airfare and hotel rooms for speakers who were a lot less important than former Vice President Al Gore. Many speakers put all kinds of outrageous stipulations in their contracts. Gore’s reads pretty standard, as far as I’m concerned.

    Your article is hypocritical and oozes of b.s.

  • john says:

    You’re talking about a Crow technical rider that’s 10+ years old,when everyone had riders like that.
    Great job. Not.

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