A List of Everyone You Can Sue

By July 9, 2007Briefly Legal

The City of Deep Pockets, er, Big Shoulders, is hosting the annual convention of the American Association for Justice, that is, the former Association of Trial Lawyers of America. The Chicago gathering, which starts Saturday, is the first convention since the organization gave itself the new, non-threatening title.

We’re reminded of the words of Victor Schwartz: “If a shark called itself a kitten fish I would still not put my daughter in to play with it.”

Just what will these kitten fish be up to this week? Same old, same old, sharpening their teeth for the unsuspecting defendant. Take a look at page 12 of the convention’s program (full program here in .pdf). It’s a list of the meetings of AAJ Litigation Groups, the lawyers who specialize in suing various groups. They’ll put their heads together, study the latest “groundbreaking legal theory,” figure out how best to sue the next employer, the next shopkeeper, the next manufacturer. Workshops on finding the next victim.

And it’s quite a list: 77 different categories, or rather, targets. Here’s 10 of them from the top of column two:

Hormone Therapy
Human Bone & Tissue Recovered from Cadavers
Inadequate Security
Interstate Trucking
Kugel Mesh
Laser Eye Surgery Malpractice
Lawn Mowers
Lead Paint
Liquor Liability
Mandatory Arbitration

As the Pacific Research Institute has reported, the United States spends 2.2 percent of our GDP on tort costs, compared to 0.9 percent from other advanced countries. In the private sector, the difference means excess tort costs of $367 billion per year, billions that could capital investment, research and development, personnel, training or even the stockholders. (NAM release here.)

If you want to see a big reason for the disastrous, anti-competitive consequences of America’s tort system, take a look at that list — the trial lawyers’ targets.

And may God protect the company that specializes in interstate delivery of lawn mowers to liquor stores.

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  • wounded says:

    I think you guys should contiinue to ask for immunity for creating dangerous products. Corporate responsibility is for the birds.

  • Your members continue to produce and sell dangerously defective products which injure and kill thousands every year. President Bush salutes your willingness to experience these casualties in the name of profits and in the face of the tort costs you have lamented. He admires your determination to “stay the course” despite growing adversity. And, he applauds your efforts to marginalize any group attacking your policies and practices.

    Yes, many of your members are targets. But, each target has painted the bulls-eye on its own back through its incompetence and mindless pursuit of another nickle of profit.

  • Kerfuffles says:

    So who do you phone first when your Kugel Mesh Pad is RECALLED? Your surgeon or your Kitten Fish?

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