50 Years (Almost) of Construction Writers

By July 20, 2007Media Relations

Honestly, didn’t know there was a Construction Writers Association, although after you give it any thought, it’s obvious. The construction industry generates more than $1.1 trillion annually, so it warrants serious journalism.

Anyway, the CWA just held its annual meeting in Washington, D.C., building toward its its 50th anniversary next spring, and as this news release summarizes, heard from a variety of speakers. The comments from Pamela Whitted, vice president of government affairs for the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, caught our eye:

Whitted said one of NSSGA’s top priorities is transportation-related legislation. She estimated that it would cost approximately $78 billion per year to maintain, rehabilitate and expand the nation’s highways and bridges through 2024. These are vital improvements that will help decrease congestion, while improving safety and air quality. Whitted discussed different transportation funding options, including government support, fuel and vehicle taxes, and highway user fees, but warned that public-private partnerships are “not necessarily a panacea.”

Transportation infrastructure ranks high on the list of priorities for the manufacturing sector, especially as global competitors are rapidly upgrading their transportation networks. (China and airports, for example.)

BTW, also on the meeting agenda was historian Dan McNichol, author of “The Roads That Built America: The Incredible Story of the U.S. Interstate System.” And it is an incredible story.

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