Whose Privacy?

By June 13, 2007General

The panel appointed by Virginia governor Kaine to look into the massacre of students at Virginia Tech on April 16 is uncovering some unusual facts.

In today’s papers, we learn that current privacy laws prohibit the panel from examining the dead assassin’s medical records. They can’t confirm what kind of psychiatric care he had, if any. Former Pennsylvania governor and former Homeland Security Department Secretary Tom Ridge, a member of the investigation, says:

It’s really rather remarkable we’re talking about a deceased individual responsible for all kinds of carnage and we are still encumbered by law.

Let’s hope this panel tells us all what state and federal laws are so poorly written that they even protect an assassin like this after his death. My daughter was a freshman on the floor where two kids were shot and we owe it to them and students across the country to get to the bottom of this tragedy and seek to prevent another one.

As one parent of a deceased student said, the privacy of his son was breached on that aweful day and he can’t fathom how a law could protect a deceased criminal. Who passed these laws? We’d all like to know.

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