What Zone for Ozone? Draft Rule Expected

By June 21, 2007Energy

The EPA plans to release its new standards for ground-level ozone today. More later, but for now, here’s the link to the Washington Post story and the AP story. The NAM’s Bryan Brendle is quoted in both. The AP:

“We believe that a more stringent ozone standard would have a detrimental impact on the manufacturing economy with nominal if any health benefits,” Brendle said. He noted that states are still implementing the current standard.

And the Post:

Bryan Brendle, air quality policy director for the National Association of Manufacturers, had the opposite view, saying that lowering the allowable ozone levels would seriously harm the economy while providing little or no health benefit.

“We would adamantly oppose lowering the standard to the level being discussed and would work hard to keep it from happening,” he said.

More as the news develops.

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