The Supreme Court, Price Maintenance, Part II

By June 29, 2007Briefly Legal

Following up on yesterday’s post on the Supreme Court’s ruling in Leegin Creative Leather Products, Inc. v. PSKS, Inc., it should be noted that most media outlets got the story right. Yes, the predictable L.A. Times wrote that the Supreme Court OK’d price-fixing, but the Washington Post (story here) and New York Times both made the proper distinctions. Here’s the Times’ story:

WASHINGTON – Striking down an antitrust rule that’s nearly a century old, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that it was not automatically unlawful for manufacturers and distributors to agree on minimum retail prices.

The decision will give producers significantly more, though not unlimited, power to dictate retail prices and restrict the flexibility of discounters.

Significantly? Well, maybe, but the lede is perfect.

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