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By June 20, 2007Health Care

Fake-documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and premiere his movie, Sicko, about the U.S. health care system tonight in Washington. We’ll mention him once and then fall quiet on the theory that any publicity serves his propaganda purposes.

The sick-flick includes scenes of Moore taking first responders from the New York 9/11/2001 terrorist mass murders to Cuba to buttress his claim that Cuban health care is better than U.S. care. Even if it were that true, he’s apologizing for an evil dictatorship that deprives the Cuban people of basic freedoms, where political prisoners are beaten as a routine matter.

But of course, Moore’s claim isn’t true. Cuba’s health care system is in a state of collapse.

After many years of increasing disrepair, the Cuban health system is now in crisis,” says Jorge Salazar-Carrillo, a professor of economics at Florida International University and expert on Latin American economies.

In reality, Cuba has three types of health systems, argues Jaime Suchlicki, the director of the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami and a leading expert on Cuba. One for the Cuban military, members of the Communist Party and leaders of the government. A second one is for foreigners who pay in dollars or foreign currency and a third one for the general Cuban population.

“The first two are excellent, with modern equipment and availability of medications,” he says. “The third, which is for the majority of the Cubans, is a veritable disaster with poor equipment and few medications and in many instances without the availability of Cuban specialists.”

You can see pictures of roach-infested, filthy and broken-down wards at the Publius Pundidt blog here. Horrifying, but this is the system Moore believes the United States should emulate.

And now Moore is expressing doubts that terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in 2001, falling into the group of morally corrupt conspiratorialists. It’s hard to express an adequate amount of revulsion at Moore’s propaganda, which is always directed at America. But Cuba’s communist masters love him.

For a point-by-point rebuttal to Moore’s movie, please go to this blog entry by Kyle Smith of the New York Post. And consider this point by Canadian columnist Judi McLeod:

Moore’s true crime against America is a crime against the little guy in a “documentary” that builds false hopes and steers people needing medical attention in the wrong direction.

So, a communist-embracing, conspiracy-minded shill who wants to destroy the U.S. health care system. What a distraction. What a disgrace.

UPDATE (10:30 a.m.) Michelle Malkin has an information-rich review of the bread and circuses here. And thanks for the link!

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  • Terry says:

    I have a very simple solution if any of you are actually interested.

    Michael Moore shows a bunch of people who were declined health insurance, but all they need to do is GET INTO A GROUP INSURANCE PLAN SPONSORED BY A COMPANY THAT TREATS ITS EMPLOYEES RIGHT.

    The company I work for is doing everything it can to hire more employees, we haven’t met our staffing needs in over a year and here’s an open invitiation to anyone who is uninsured and worried about it. Come apply. Or find another company that is as great as the one I work for. Or just continue to complain… that’s your right too, I guess.

    The company I work for has great health care benefits. All pre-existing conditions are covered. Benefits start day one for you and your entire family including domestic partners. You do not need a referral from a primary care physician to see a specialist. Co-pays on all hospital or doctor visits are ten dollars. Our prescription drug benefit is great, my wife takes three prescriptions, one of which there is not a generic for and the grand total out of pocket costs for us is about $30 a month. some co-wokers pay nothing. The most we ever have to pay out of pocket in a year is about $2,000 and then then the insurance company covers 100% of all additional costs. There is no deductible to pay. How much does this cost me? About $110 is deducted from my pay check every month and that’s for me and my wife (no kids yet.)
    What amazing qualifications do I have that allow me to have such wonderful benefits? I graduated from high school, (hope to graduate from college in the next few years) and I passed a drug screening and background check (no felonies). Pretty high standards eh? Funny thing, the economy is so good we can’t hire enough people right now, we are literally taking almost anyone who meets those minimum requirements… apparently people don’t like phone jobs.
    So what’s the catch? There is none, except sometimes I’m a little embarrassed to tell people I work on the phones all day- not very glamorous, but it’s definitely better than letting my family suffer without insurance.

    So my invitation to the people out there who don’t have insurance, come work with me at Discover Card. Instead of trying to get socialized medicine, support the companies who really take care of their employees.

    This post is not in any way sponsored or approved by this company.

  • P. Kabatek says:

    I believe Michael Moore hit the nail on the head. Don’t believe me? See the movie for yourself.

  • Bohdan A. Oryshkevich, MD, MPH says:

    The reality is that the Canadian system works. Canadians are all covered, they spend less money, and they live longer without paying a medical bill in their life. They have access to modern technology and the population is demanding and complains about inadequacies just like Americans do. The system is not perfect but it is based on sound principles and it works.

    Just like in international basketball, the US cannot get it right in health care. In international basketball there is a score. You win or lose.

    In health care there is no simple score. So it is easier for Americans to delude themselves.

    I am an American who chose to return from Canada twice. So I know what I am talking about. I am also an MD.

    The Canadian system is not socialized. It is not socialistic. There is no national socialist party in Canada. The NDP is small and much like Ralph Nader or like the Greens.

    Canada has universal fee for service health insurance.

    So please get your words straight.

    Manufacturers should get out of the health insurance business and then maybe American automobile manufacturers might fare better internationally.

    Bohdan A. Oryshkevich, MD

  • I 100% agree with you that Cuba is hardly the ideal medical travel destination (after all, it’s illegal for Americans to go there, or to spend American dollars on Cuban goods and services!)

    However, for the millions of un- and under-insured Americans increasingly faced with expensive, financially ruinous medical care, there are hundreds of choices in American-accredited hospitals and clinics abroad, offering a wide array of medical treatment at 30-80% savings.

    More than 150,000 Americans traveled abroad last year for medical care, and you can bet as more and more workers fall off the insurance grid, patients will increasingly board planes and head overseas to avoid financial ruin over a costly treatment.

    Our recently-published guidebook, “Patients Beyond Borders,” helps inform patients considering medical travel, and covers 22 medical travel destinations in 14 countries.

  • Ryan says:

    Almost everyone is sick of Moore by now – except his flag-burning, drug-using, Che-wearing base.

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