TB Andy: Personal Injury Lawyer!

They are calling him TB Andy: the guy who had TB and was told by US health officials not to return to the United States because he could possibly infect others on his plane. He came back anyway and did so stealthily, flying to Canada and driving across the border. If others came down with his rare strain of TB, who cares?!

Now we’ve learned that this self-centered guy is a personal injury lawyer! Bingo, no wonder he doesn’t care what happens to others! He’s a perfect guy for the occupation he is in. It’s all too well known that many in his “profession” are glad to line their own pockets while their clients get pennies. One of the champions of this line of graft is William Lerach. Click here to read an editorial from The Examiner about this guy.

In legal abuse circles, I wonder if someone who was on the plane with him will file a class action law suit again TB Andy? Wouldn’t that be ironic? In more civilized places, people would say let’s get over it and move on, but in America, many lawyers deem such sentiments absurd. And so up and up spiral the legal costs, higher here than anywhere else on the planet.

TB Andy is of the same ilk as Roy Pearson, the DC lawyer who is a DC employee and who is trying to extort $65 million from his dry cleaners because they misplaced a pair of pants. It’s all me, me, me. One wonders if law schools teach any notion of ethics or if yesteryear’s pirates have just smarted up and put on a new title.

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  • Offended Attorney says:

    I happen to be a personal injury attorney and I tend to pride myself on the recoveries that I can get for my clients. It isn’t nearly as lucrative for the attorneys as most like yourself tend to believe. I work extremely hard to help my clients pay off their medical bills. Even in the rare circumstance that a client doesn’t get a reasonable sum of money to line their pockets, they’ll more than likely have all of their medical expenses paid off. There’s an extraordinary benefit in being debt free from an injury that wasn’t a person’s fault in the first place. I realize there are a lot of corrupt individuals that call themselves PI attorneys, but try not to paint with such wide brush strokes next time.

  • j says:

    They are calling him? u mean Michael Savage is calling him TB Andy.

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