Stossel: When Did Profit Become a Dirty Word?

By June 7, 2007Energy

ABC iconoclast John Stossel considers the perfervid politicking against the oil companies and the push for anti-price-gouging” legislation.

I wish the oil executives would face the media. They could say something like:

“What are you complaining about? What do you think we do with our profits? Buy fancy cars and homes? Well, we do, actually, but nearly all the money goes to looking for more oil and following environmental rules that you want us to follow. You should want us to make more profit. Anyway, we make less profit per gallon than your beloved government takes in taxes.”

But Big Oil never shouts back at the reporters. I guess I can’t blame them, given the hostility of the economically ignorant media.

Why not say what you really think, John?

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  • Joe Dragon says:

    Why not post this little gem since you are so in love with John Stossel?

    Cavuto asked Stossel, “People say manufacturing jobs are leaving. What do you say?”

    “Bye!” said Stossel, waving at the camera. “There’s nothing wonderful about manufacturing jobs. I think if you look at what we want for our kids, that should answer the question. We don’t want them working in a factory where the work is underpaid, I mean, is very hard, it may be uncomfortable. … We want them taking jobs as engineers, as biologists. We think the services jobs are good for our kids. I think it’s great if people in other countries want to manufacture things and we can just import it and pay for it with our service jobs.”

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