Should This Judge Be Removed: Part 3

By June 7, 2007General

Not long ago, we focused on a Washington, DC administrative law judge who is suing his dry cleaners for $65 million because they misplaced his pants. It’s hard to imagine a greater travesty under the law, but it is compounded by the fact that the DC government keeps this legal abuser on the payroll.

Now word comes out that Judge Roy Pearson, the administrative law judge, has reduced his claim to a mere $54 million and has shifted its focus, from the missing pants to an allegation that the dry cleaner’s signs, offering “same day service,” were violated in this instance.

Meanwhile, the hard working Korean owners of the business continue to pay hefty legal bills to deal with this clown’s fantasies. And of course DC taxpayers get to keep paying what is probably a very hefty salary. All in all, DC’s image is being greatly tarnished by this escapade and so is the image of judges everywhere. It’s past time for Judge Pearson to set free of his judicial duties so that he may finally understand that ideas–bad ideas in this case–have consequences.

If you’d like to see a refutation of some of the concerns swirling around this incident, click here. More importantly, if you want to help the poor dry cleaners and read more about the truth, click here for a Web page for the Chung’s attorney that lays out the facts.

And why are WE interested in this? It’s because it is symptomatic of the legal abuse and jackpot justice that now grips the U.S. economy, bringing down many good manufacturers along the way. And it is a model that the rest of the world, always seeking economic growth and betterment for their people, resolutely fails to follow, for good reason.

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  • Big Bertha says:

    Remove this fool! That is my hard earned money that he is abusing for these silly court cases.

  • randy owens says:

    This man Pearson should never be used in any capacity regarding law, be it advisor, judge, or attorney with his horribly flawed and skewered reasoning. He is a walking miscarriage of justice that brings shame and ridicule to what used to be the world’s best justice system.

  • toolfortheman says:

    He lost his job as a Judge. He’s now milking the taxpayers for over 100k as an adviser. What a system we have..

  • SomeKindaPeon says:

    I sure wouldn’t want a judge like that presiding over me or anybody I know. This is an outright display of arrogance, greed and the cruelty that is always the byproduct of greed. Yes, he needs to be removed and probably never should have been a judge in the first place.

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