Score One for the First Amendment, Heck, Score Two!

By June 14, 2007Labor Unions

The U.S. Supreme Court stands on the side of the Constitution today, upholding a Washington state law that provided a modest measure of protection for employees who object to having unions reach into their pockets to finance causes and candidates they oppose. From the AP:

States may force public sector labor unions to get consent from workers before using their fees for political activities, the Supreme Court said Thursday.

The Court unanimously upheld a Washington state law that applied to public employees who choose not to join the union that represents them in contract talks with state and local governments. The workers are compelled to pay the equivalent of union dues, a portion of which the union uses for political activities.

Unfortunately, Washington’s governor and Legislature have watered down the law, so the public sector unions still have a big advantage in taking people’s money to campaign for this, that and the other infringement on liberty. Or at least that’s the conclusion one draws on a first, quick reading.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is available here in .pdf format.

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