Sales Slow for Hamburg’s ‘Live Earth’; Blame Snoop

By June 28, 2007Global Warming

According to this business report from Germany, only a third of the tickets have been sold for the Hamburg “Live Earth” concert for carbon depletion. Hmmm. Nine days left until Al Gore’s grand, global smash, and they’re only a third of the way?

Organizers are putting on a happy face: “Given the time frame and late start on advertising, we’re actually still on target,” said Live Earth spokesman Frank Ehrich. Really? With only 13,000 of the 45,000 available tickets being sold? They’re not even that pricey by European concert standards, with the most expensive ticket going for 55.50 Euros.

As much as we’d love to blame the Hamburg headliner, Snoop Dogg — a convicted felon and obscene degrader of women — we suspect it’s more the weak lineup that’s at fault: Chris Cornell, Jan Dela, Reamonn, Sasha, Silbermond, Michael Mittermeier, Katie Melua, Mono Diao, Lotto King Karl, Mana and Juli. Oh boy.

But perhaps another factor’s coming into play: People don’t attend a rock concert to be lectured at. “How was the show?” “Ugh. I went to see a band and an Al Gore Powerpoint presentation broke out.”

Meanwhile, still waiting for a reporter to ask Al Gore the question: Mr. Vice President, in having Snoop Dogg as a performer — and Akon, too, for that matter — you are using performers who demean women, promote violence and commit crimes, even as you preach positive social change. Aren’t you the one committing an assault on reason?

UPDATE (2 p.m.) Oh, things are now bound to improve. Enrique Inglesias has signed on!

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  • Dave Schroeder says:

    Another stupid Snoop bashing article,

    When will you idiots get a grip and stop blaming the African American performer for all of America’ s probelms.

    1st of all , Rap is not the only type of music where “a convicted felon and obscene degrader of women” takes the stage.

    All of rock and roll has been guilty of exploiting the same things for many, many years.
    Furthermore , urban music is controlled and directed by the white people that own and control the record companies, IE: the marketing strategies used in promoting and selling the music is set by the people that control the money …not the artist that came from watching the TV shows displayed and marketed by that same host of white owners, not to mention the social decay most of them (snoop and many other urban artists) come from from the begining know that thing about art imitating life…You wouldn’t know , lord knows you are just trying to pin the social problems our region has never seemed to correct on 1 African American performer..very intelligent.

    Furthermore, putting Snoop Dogg on a bill that includes Chris Cornel, and other Euro Alt – pop acts (oh yeah Jan Dela…the unknown European hip hop sensation…)is simply bad marketing to begin with not to mention the fact that Europe can see all of these act’s , with the exception of Chris Cornel, anytime they choose as a result of their local status.

    So to summerize, you are blaming the best American rapper of all time for poor ticket sales , due to the image he has always held (and improved as of late), while the headlining acts have a conflicting marketbase….BRILLIANT!!!

    Don’t quite your day job….moron

  • Barbara says:

    I would hardly call it a weak turnout with KATIE MELUA. In the past 12 months she has won a World Music Award, The Golden Camera and the Echo Award. Her album Call Off the Search is still in the world top hundred.

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