Put Al Gore on the Billboards, Too

An African-American Catholic church is challenging Chicagoans to stop listening to and buying music from violence-promoting, women-degrading rappers like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. From Saint Sabina’s website:

Starting today, twenty billboards will be going up throughout the city of Chicago denouncing artists that demean women and perpetuate violence. Some of the billboards are already posted.

Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of Saint Sabina church said, “If we are going to end the violence and the disrespect of women, we must fight every form of negativity, including the music industry.”

The billboards read: “Stop Listening To Trash” naming ten present day disrespectful rappers.

Yes, and if we are going to end the violence and disrespect of women, we must fight those who lend credibility to such “artists” as Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg is a headliner in Hamburg, Germany at one of Al Gore’s “Live Earth” concerts to complain about global warming.

Stop promoting trash, Al.

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  • Marius says:

    Anyone who buys its albums are supporting him? Come on, don’t exaggerate.

  • Carter says:

    A distinction: Listening vs. promoting. Al Gore and “Live Earth” are giving Snoop Dogg millions of dollars of publicity. Gore is his Daddy Mack.

  • LDP says:

    Really? If you want to tie him to this cause, you might as well, post a picture of Oprah, Russel Simmons, Reverend Jesse Jackson, all the people who actually have heard anything Snoop Dog did, all the citizens in every city, because they allowed it and…wow, we’re talking most of our population, WOW, I wonder how that would look on a billboard.(sic)

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