Pinstripes or Pinhead? A Pants Suit Update

By June 19, 2007Briefly Legal

We’re expecting a ruling this week, perhaps even today, on Judge Pearson’s unconscionable $54 million civil lawsuit against his drycleaners for losing his pants. As the world waits, a word of praise for the Washington Post’s columnist, Marc Fisher. We’re not sure who first reported on Pearson’s abusive litigation, but Fisher has done more than anyone to publicize the case, its absurdities and its real outrage committed against the Chung family and the American legal system.

Today’s Post features highlights of Fisher’s recent blog postings on the case, which really amounts to an old-style notebook column. Lots of good, emesis-inducing tidbits, like:

The Green Mr. Pearson

Pearson said he has not had a car for decades. Asked why, he said, “I have some concerns about pollution and the environment.”

“But no concerns about renting a car?” Manning asked.

Pearson replied that it was okay to rent a car for weekends and long trips.

Well, gee. Why would you even need pants, what with all that global warming?

Anyway, kudos Marc.

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