Pants Trial Over: Hope the Chungs Don’t Get Hosed

By June 14, 2007Briefly Legal

Trial has concluded in the case of Crying Judge Pearson against Custom Cleaners of Washington, D.C., his civil lawsuit againt the owners for losing his pants. LegalNewsline reports that Judge Judith Bartnoff will issue her ruling by the end of next week.

Wednesday, it was Soo Chung who had trouble overcoming her emotions when she was asked about the effect the lawsuit has had on her family, which includes husband Jin and son Ki. They claim they found the pants a few days later, but Pearson claimed they were not the right ones.

Soo Chung twice began crying on the stand, and Pearson did not cross-examine her. Pearson, though, was cross-examined by defense attorney Christopher Manning Wednesday. He was asked if it is reasonable to sue for $67 million (his original demand) instead of accepting one of the three settlements offered to him.

“I think it is reasonable under the law,” Pearson said.

Cogito, ergo sue, eh?

The DCist blog has been following the events with a jaundiced jocularity (ouch!), including a photo of the pants and citing Marc Fisher’s on-the-scene reporting, which notes the pants belonged to a Hickey-Freeman suit. Also, there’s a funny little compendium of punning headlines yesterday. We appreciate the endorsement, thank you.

For all the humor, as the story above demonstrates, this is hardly a laughing matter to the Chungs. Yet we just happen to know about their case, thanks to their attorney and columnists like Fisher. Remember, there are thousands of similar outrages and abuses going on in this country; American’s pay an annual “tort tax” that nears $10,000 per family of four, money sucked out of a productive economy.

You can buy a lot of pants for $10,000.

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  • Troy says:

    I am sure more emotion distress has been caused by the law suit than any case of missing pants possibly could, one deliberate on accidental. Can the cleaners counter sue for a real distress?

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