Panting for Justice

Readers of this blog and, by now, of just about every paper in the country, will know all about the $65 million law suit over a pair of misplaced pants at a dry cleaner. The case was brought by an administrative law judge in Washington, DC who is charged of course, in his job as a judge, with using good judgment on the bench. We are not the only ones who questioned his abilities after doggedly pursuing this case against a local small business owned by Korean immigrants.

The case is an excellent example of runaway legal mania and costs that affect all Americans. It’s estimated that excess litigation in the United States costs our economy upwards of $865 billion a year! This has a huge impact on our nation’s competitiveness and Mr. Pearson’s case is a good summary of why we need legal reform in the United States.

So it was truly refreshing to read today’s headline:

Pants Lawsuit Could Cost D.C. Judge His $100,000 Job.

The judge who heard the case this week said she’d rule next week. In the meantime, Mr. Pearson’s boss has now opined that Mr. Pearson does not deserve a reappointment. Now that’s what I call justice.

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  • Greg says:

    It’s bad enough that a “judge” would file a lawsuit like this, but what’s worse is another judge allowed it to go to trial.

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