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By June 4, 2007General

As noted in the summary of the week ahead (below), the Senate gets down to business pretty quickly this afternoon with floor consideration of S. 1348, the comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Some more detail: The NAM is sending a “Key Vote” letter to the Senate this morning supporting the Cantwell-Cornyn Amendment (S. Amdt. 1249 –You can find the text beginning at page S6198). From the letter:

Having an employer-driven system is crucial to a strong manufacturing economy. The Cantwell-Cornyn amendment retains employers’ flexibility in selecting the workers and determining the skill sets needed to remain competitive – without altering the bill’s self-sponsored merit-based system. The amendment also includes important provisions that were part of last year’s Senate passed immigration bill to expand exemptions for H-1B visas for key professionals.

The letter also expresses concern about the employer-verification provisions in Title III:

Mandating that all employers and all employees use an electronic employment verification system that has not yet been proven to work properly poses considerable risk and cost to U.S. employers. The bill’s increased paperwork and civil and criminal penalties would serve as a disincentive to businesses considering job-creating investments in the United States. We believe Title III must be revised. We stand ready to work with you to create a system that is reliable, accurate and efficient – without severely disrupting the daily operations of American businesses.

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