Lou Dobbs and Bobby Hill: Separated at Birth?

By June 18, 2007Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchSometimes humor is the most effective weapon against demagoguery and nobody is better at it than Gene Weingarten, who writes a weekly humor column for The Washington Post Magazine. For his June 17 column, Weingarten chose a most appropriate target – Lou Dobbs.

Weingarten acknowledges that once upon a time, Dobbs was “an actual newsman,” but then he realized he could get a lot more attention by ranting and raving. “Like a pigeon in a box who gets rewarded with a corn kernel every time he flaps a designated wing, Lou was soon just one big madly flapping right wing.”

Weingarten has a lot of fun with Lou’s penchant for nonsense and rigged polls, but my description of the column doesn’t do it justice. Go take a look for yourself.

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