Heat Mongering! Now That’s a Term…

By June 25, 2007Global Warming

The global warming mania has transcended the realm of sensible policy debate into a frenzy of scaremongering and orchestrated mass hysteria. Anyone who dares to even question the prevailing wisdom so dramatically portrayed in Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” is dismissed as an ideological crank or stooge for the energy companies. A global Live Earth concert scheduled for July 7 is expected to raise huge sums of money to fund even more scaremongering.

There is a scientific consensus that the earth is heating up, and it is plausible that human activities, emission of greenhouse gases, are a contributing factor. But it is also true that the earth was heating up and cooling down billions of years before humans appeared on the scene. World weather patterns are poorly understood and may very well have as much to do with sunspots as with human activities.

Emily Yoffe, a contributing writer to Slate.com, has a delightfully contrary op-ed in today’s Washington Post making many of these points. “Thanks to all the heat mongering,” she writes, “it’s supposed to be a sign of denial because I refuse to trust a weather prediction for 2080 when no one can offer me one for August 2008 (or August 2007 for that matter).”

Thank you Emily Yoffe for tossing a note of sanity into the cacophony.

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  • danny bee says:

    You want a better new term than heat mongering? Try polar cities. Google the term; or wikipedia it in a search window: “Polar Cities”

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