Friday Follies: The Riverdance Rap

By June 29, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThe Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival has started up on the Capitol Mall, with one of the three grand cultural/historical/culinary/economic themes being Northern Ireland.

So to keep in step (but sans arm movements) with the events we offer as this week’s Friday Follies, the Riverdance Rap, a goof of Michael Flatley with a breakout rap from L.L. Bean O’Reilly, the lyrical leprauchan. (Or is that not a Northern Irish icon? We’ll find out this weekend.) Cheers!

P.S. Got this from Will Ferrell’s new comedy website, Funny or Die, which got a nice write-up this week from The Washington Post, although a lot of content providers work blue. We’ll spare you a link to the potty-mouthed toddler.

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