Friday Follies: The Dancing Cadet

By June 8, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesSee, back in the old days of college pranks, you had maybe a little short-sheeting, a bucket of water over the door, something like that. Laugh like a loon and then move onto other things.

But nowadays everybody’s got a videocamera, including cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy. So back in 2005, Cadet Brian Stoops decided to have a little fun at his roommate’s expense by videotaping Jeff Pelehec’s private dorm-room dancing. Think a cooler Napoleon Dynamite, with short hair.

The video went viral, may even have helped define the term “viral” — or so says this Wikipedia entry. Yes, Pelehec has his own Wikipedia entry.

Anyway, here’s the video. It IS pretty funny.

But why now, two years after the fact? Defense Secretary Robert Gates mentioned Pelehec during his speech to the Academy graduating class of 2007 last month.

“To learn about the dangers of dancing in your dorm room (laughter) and yes, I’ve seen the video,” joked Gates. “So the next time your mirror beckons you to bust a move, remember the dancing cadet.”

Fame and follies…It’s Friday.

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