Friday Follies: Piracy and Music Downloads

By June 15, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesNo, no, no. By picking Weird Al Yankovic’s “Don’t Download This Song” as this week’s Friday Follies, we are not negating all of the good work the NAM does to fight product piracy and counterfeiting.

It’s just that we can laugh at ourselves, laugh at Weird Al’s satire — stylistically evoking “Take On Me” by Aha (and see this clip from “The Family Guy”) — and laugh at the idea of a simple music download leading to a life of crime. Besides, any performer whose tour includes the Corn Palace Festival in Mitchell, S.D. is worth a plug. (Question: Have tickets for the Corn Palace gotten more expensive because of increased, fuel-related demand for ethanol?)

And hey, he’s playing at the Warner Theater just across the street from NAM HQ in August. See you there!

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