Friday Follies: Obama Girl & Fred Thompson Crush

By June 22, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThe web-jockeys at JibJab set the standard for online political satire in 2004 with their “This Land” music video poking good-natured fun at President Bush and Senator John Kerry, and we can expect to see a flood of such Internet comedy as the 2008 elections near. (Not necessarily all in good nature.)

The latest is a sassy video on the Barelypolitical website from Obama Girl,I Got a Crush on Obama,” in which the OG sings and swoons over the Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator from Illinois. Sample lyric: “You’re into border security, let’s break this border between you and me.” It’s gone totally viral.

Obama has even commented on the music video:

“It’s just one more example of the fertile imagination of the internet,” Obama said to The Des Moines Register. “More stuff like this will be popping up all the time.”

Right you are. Even the candidates are into the online humor game, as Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Sopranos homage demonstrates.

Obama Girl is very,very cute and the tune is even catchy. However, please note that there are lots of innuendoes, double entendre and tight T-shirts. Definitely a PG-13 entry, and definitely smart PR. Which would make it PR-13.

However ….in the interest of bipartisanship, we also offer this G-rated “I’ve Got a Crush on Fred Thompson’s Politics” video, a rockabilly revival piece with a bit of the Subterranean Homesick Blues tossed in. Long live the land of the free. (Hat tip: Jim Geraghty.)

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