Four Years Good. Two Years Better?

By June 25, 2007General

Seems like more graduates of four-year universities are going back to school days, to put things right. North Carolinian Blake Woodruff, who holds a Master’s from Bryn Mawr, explains:

“Not being an academic, if you have an archaeology degree, it’s a little hard to get work,” said Woodruff, of Winston-Salem.

He pursued more education, but at a place many equate with people just starting their higher education — a community college.

These days, thousands of people who enroll in community college programs already have four-year degrees — or more — in hand. Almost 11,000 students pursuing an associate’s degree or a diploma in the N.C. Community College System in 2006 had a bachelor’s degree. More than 2,500 students had a master’s degree or higher.

Our recent posts on higher education (such as this one) are not meant to denigrate four-year institutions, absolutely not. But a four-year degree is sure not the only productive option out there.

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