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Everyone should have to change jobs every ten years. It’s like going to your own funeral. Since announcing our departure, in among the hate mail we’ve received some very nice notes from so many folks with well wishes for our passage to the other side. Reading them, we’ve been very touched and almost started to believe the stuff therein. Wow, If only we had known….[Shameless Plug: You can keep reading our drivel by clicking here.]

We did want to take the opportunity of our last day on the payroll to observe how far ShopFloor.org has come. Starting with only a few daily visitors when we launched at the end of 2004 (Thanks, mom!), through the help of some good folks like the blogger’s apprentice and others, we were able to build it up to a respectable level and beyond. Luckily, we were joined by Carter Wood, as talented a writer as we’ve seen, and he was able to take up the cudgel and will carry ShopFloor.org to even greater heights, we’re sure.

Just a week or so ago, our colleague Craig Cussimanio mined some data about the blog traffic that we were unaware of. Among the tidbits he found was that our Cool Stuff Being Made videos have been downloaded almost 400,000 times onto video iPods, viewed on YouTube over 125,000 times and viewed through streaming almost a quarter of a million times. This info, as you might understand, was incredibly gratifying. It’s not often you get to build something from scratch and see it grow at this speed. Along the way, we’ve broken a few stories, schmoozed at “Blog Rows” with numerous Members of Congress — and Cabinet members — been cited (reluctantly) by the MSM, had a few spats with Lou Dobbs, and had a lot of fun.

But from the beginning, we always said this blog was not going to be about blogging and it wasn’t going to be about the blogger-in-chief and neither will this, the final word. What’s so gratifying to us is that through the blog we were able to drive the manufacturing message on the policy side and — as you can see from the video stats — bring the manufacturing message to more people, young and old. We started the blog to hammer home the point that manufacturers are on the cutting edge of innovation and we intended to be on the cutting edge in communications, too. But then it grew beyond our wildest expectations and in the process, it reached beyond our core audience to new eyes and ears, finding allies and advocates where before there were none.

We’ll end where we began this adventure, reminding people that whenever they get to the next big thing, the next frontier, there will be a manufacturer there to greet them. It’s been great for the past decade to be a part of this fraternity and sorority of people who make things, to be part of something very special, feeling the manufacturing vibe.

See you ’round the blogosphere.

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