Developing Energy Security with Domestic Energy

By June 2, 2007Energy

A new five-year federal plan for managing portions of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf has good news for America’s manufacturers and consumers.

The Department of Interior has proposed opening up deep-sea waters for energy exploration and development. (You can read the April news release about the plan here.)

The Interior plan foresees environmentally safe access to natural gas and oil in the deep waters off Virginia, Alaska and, of course, the Gulf of Mexico. The proposal follows Congressional approval last year of leasing in other parts of the Gulf, taking advantage of the abundant natural gas and oil found there.

These are important steps, but more must be done. We need a comprehensive energy strategy – building on our domestic energy resources while promoting conservation and efficiency.

The National Association of Manufacturers has developed just such a strategy, “Energy Security for American Competitiveness.” It spells out action Congress should take to diversify the nation’s energy mix and meet the economy’s future energy needs. You can read about the strategy at the NAM’s website,

We applaud the Administration for recognizing the Outer Continental Shelf’s vast energy potential. Still, plans and proposals are not enough. We need action and we need exploration, to ensure energy security for America’s competitiveness, for America’s future, for America’s workers.

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