Cool Stuff Being Made: Zambelli Fireworks

By June 30, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

fairfood.jpgGetting ready for Independence Day and the patriotic displays of the bombs bursting in air? Well then here’s a feature to whet your pyrotechnic palate, a video from Zambelli Fireworks Internationale, one of America’s largest and most renowned manufacturers of fireworks, and a family-run operation to boot.

Fireworker Antonio Zambelli ventured from Italy in 1893 to establish the Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Company in New Castle, Pennsylvania, which was to become a center for America’s fireworks industry. Building on the grand tradition Antonio began, subsequent generations of Zambellis are now known worldwide for setting the industry standard in design and technology — then exceeding it.

And we’re glad to see this news from the patriarch, George Zambelli, who reports that patriotic themes in large-scale fireworks displays are up 50 percent.

This week’s video combines some cool stuff being made, along with marketing and company profile materials. A piece of history, if you will, so to view this week’s Cool Stuff Being Made, click here. And cover your ears!

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  • jim says:

    i was expecting more manufacturing than i was family time. kind of disappointing presentation actually.

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