Cool Stuff Being Made: Golden Witch Technologies

By June 9, 2007General

gwlogo_250.gifAnglers and American craftsmen, you’re in for a treat, a 59-minute lesson on how to manufacture a bamboo fishing rod. The instructor is Russ Gooding, owner of Golden Witch Technologies, a high-end fishing rod manufacturer in Stevens, PA, that prospers via the Internet.

As Russ explains on the company’s website,

We’re a very small company dedicated to the art of tacklecraft. As of December, 2005 GW is, once again, truly a mom & pop operation. We, Russ & Erica Gooding, are the sole staffers now, which will ensure that each of our valued clients receives personal attention from the owners of this little, niche company. Since we no longer have phone staff, we’re essentially transitioning Golden Witch into an e-commerce company.

An enthusiastic e-commerce company, judging by the video. And though based on rural Lancaster County, it’s truly an international operation, as this 2003 piece in Central PA Magazine relates.

Used in the rod-making process are bamboo from China, agate for stripping guides from the Far East, cork from Portugal, wrapping silks processed in England, walnut for reel seats from Europe, mastodon ivory from Alaska for ferrule plugs. Even Golden Witch’s catalogs are mailed to fishing aficionados and rod collectors as far away as South Africa, France and Australia.

Again, many thanks to our friends at Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) for providing the documentary.

Please click here to view the video.

And good fishing!

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