Coal: Clean, Abundant, Affordable

By June 24, 2007Energy

In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, a letter worth noting.

Your June 15 editorial “Congress Loves Coal” fails to recognize that congressional approval of a limited package of incentives to accelerate domestic production of coal-to-liquid (CTL) fuels would help reduce our nation’s growing dependence on imported oil.

Rather than continue to spend billions of dollars on imported fuels from volatile regions of the world, Congress should make a smart investment in domestic CTL fuels to help secure America’s energy independence. Using proven technology and advanced carbon capture and storage capabilities, domestic CTL fuels will be as clean, or even cleaner, than the conventional diesel fuels they replace. That standard is reflected in the CTL legislation now pending before Congress and it is a standard domestic CTL producers are prepared to meet.

Congressional support for domestic CTL fuels will help provide America’s military and today’s planes, trains and autos with a secure, clean and affordable source of fuels. CTL fuels also will create thousands of new jobs, help improve air quality and boost America’s energy and national security.

Kraig R. Naasz
President and CEO
National Mining Association

Today’s Washington Post carried a story outlining the political pressures on and maneuvering by Senator Barack Obama as a Democrat representing a big coal state, Illinois. Thorough piece.

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  • mctigue says:

    Gradual warming from the time of American Revolution continues to the present, based on the influence of the Sun, with Carbon Dioxide influence (if any) being “noise level” around this trend. Domestic coal will become a more and more important component of abundant affordable energy; the only practical alternative to more coal is more nuclear energy. Liquid fuels from coal will be part of the solution. Except for some small applications, renewables just make us poorer. Relax, the prospect is that our great grand children will enjoy the climate optimum that the Sun appears to be providing. Climate should keep getting better for at least the next couple of hundred years. It’s too soon to be concerned about the next ice age, a thousand years or so from now.

  • Anybody who thinks that coal can actually solve any problems in the world now obviously has no understanding of the urgency of climate change, and the incapacity of so-called “clean coal” technology to do anything about it. Learn the facts about clean coal –

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