Card Check: Wait Until Next Year! And the Next!

By June 27, 2007Labor Unions

Have you noticed how the blogs and commenters opposed to the Employee Free Choice Act are always quoting labor’s own spokesmen? How we constantly cite union arguments to rebut them? And yet, the labor blogs never cite the other side? As if they were afraid of engaging the issue, of actually addressing the arguments?

Why is that, do you think?

Anyway, we’d been collecting statement from union leaders declaring victory despite this year’s death of the Employee Free Choice Act, claims based on the argument that the political climate will shift even more dramatically against the secret ballot next year. But then Bret over at has already posted the grand illusions. So, thanks to Bret and here are some good reasons to continue fighting the anti-democratic card-check bill:

AFSCME president Gerald McEntee told The Politico: “In 2009, we’ll have a real opportunity and a real chance in putting this into law ….”

AFL-CIO president John Sweeney told The New York Times that “This is really about 2009. But it’s important that we show the country that we have majority support.”

Bill Samuel, the legislative director of the AFL-CIO, said the bill is in “the building stage,” and a vote on the bill would be considered a victory.

Robert Borosage, director of the union-funded Campaign for America’s Future, said “We’ve just begun this debate. We started with unions not even in people’s consciousness … and now even the conservatives in the Democratic caucus are coming on board.” He added: “We’re a while away from it, but if you get a Democratic president and Democratic majorities (in Congress) this will be on the lead agenda.”

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