Card Check: Vote Soon?

By June 13, 2007Labor Unions

So reports Richard Hankins at the EFCAUpdates blog.

The end is near?
We’ve been told by a Senate staffer that by the end of this week (possibly Wednesday) or early next week, Senator Reid will file cloture on Employee Free Choice Act. If, as expected by the staffer, there are less than 60 votes for cloture, there will likely be no further action by the Senate on the bill.

Organized labor has really stepped up its wooing/browbeating of Republican Senators on the issue, especially Collins and Snowe in Maine and Coleman in Minnesota.

Hang in there, Senators — a no vote is a vote for preserving the secret ballot and constitutional rights of free association.

UPDATE (noonish, June 14th): More update from Seth Borden here. AFL-CIO reporting debate to begin Monday.

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