Card Check: The Vote, Nearer, Nearer

By June 20, 2007Labor Unions

The latest on the deceitfully named Employee Free Choice Act:

  • The NAM sent a “Key Vote” letter to all 99 Senators this morning, which means the measure will be used in the compilation of vote rankings at the end of the congressional session. Excerpt:
    H.R. 800/S. 1041 would overhaul more than 70 years of well-established labor law by stripping away employees’ rights to federally supervised, secret ballot elections during union organizing drives. Replacing these secret ballot elections with a “card check” system would make workers’ views public to companies, union organizers and co-workers and could expose workers to intimidation, coercion and reprisal. Polling by the non-partisan Coalition for a Democratic Workplace found that 90 percent of union households oppose this legislation.

    By contrast, the views of workers supportive of a union-free environment could be ignored, as only “pro-union” signatures would be counted under the “card check” scheme. The NAM believes personal decisions regarding worker representation should remain private, and all workers’ opinions, not just those expressing one view, should be democratically considered.

  • George Will opined on labor’s “card check” machinations in his column today:

    Failing unions, like failing industries, turn to government for protection in the form of coercion. Failing industries have traditionally sought corporate welfare in the form of tariffs (coercion of consumers). Unions seek laws to confer what their persuasiveness cannot convince people to consent to.

  • The New York Times has a balanced piece on the issue today, including this revealing passage about labor’s plans:

    Despite the prospect that the bill will stall in the Senate, A.F.L.-C.I.O. officials say they have pressed Democratic leaders to take it up in order to build momentum for the future, much in the way unions pushed for a minimum-wage increase for a decade until it was finally enacted this year.

    John J. Sweeney, the federation’s president, expressed confidence that the bill would fare better if a Democrat won the White House next year. “This is really about 2009,” Mr. Sweeney said. “But it’s important that we show the country that we have majority support.”

  • And it’s even more important to show that Americans simply do not want to destroy the secret ballot in the workplace. Please urge your Senator to vote against the measure via this online resource.
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