Card Check: The AFL-CIO’s Spin

By June 26, 2007Labor Unions

Following the failure of the Employee Free Choice Act in the Senate, the AFL-CIO has opined (in this blog post). Rather than say, “Our arguments failed to carry the day. Perhaps we better rethink the strategy,” the laborites spin the outcome to say, “We won! Yeah! We won! Well, except for those lousy Senators who voted against it. We’ll get you, you rats.”

The battle for the Employee Free Choice Act moves to the 2008 election after a handful of obstructionist senators have blocked a vote on the bill. On a vote of 51-48, the Senate voted for cloture, that is, shutting off debate. Sixty votes were needed to invoke cloture and end the debate and move to a vote on the bill. So even though a majority of the Senate voted for cloture, a small group of Republicans denied workers a free choice to join a union.

A 51-48 vote is not that close. Despite all the threats and invective, big labor failed to turn the issue into one officials of both parties could support. And then bullied and blustered when they lost. Typical.

Love this comment from a retired union official, too. It’s WAR!

I think the labor movement has to face the reality that once again
we suffered a significant loss on a critical piece of legislation.
Rather than trying to paint a bright picture about how we won a majority of the vote in the US Senate for the Employee Free Choice Act,I think the AFL-CIO should strenuously and vociferously place the blame for our defeat where it belongs–with all but one of the Republican Senators,and with George W Bush.The only Republican.It is pathetic that we won only one Republican Senator,Spector,who voted with us.
I find it very ironic that five minutes after we suffered this crushing defeat,a substantial majority of Democratic Senators gave Bush a major victory by voting for cloture on the convuluted,unintelligible,inadequate immigration legislation.
I urge the AFL-CIO to publicly go after every Republican Senator up for reelection next year.They are stooges for the anti union corporations in America that are eager to destroy the organized labor movement,and voters in their states ought to know about it.
Ed Fire,Retired President

That’ll win the argument. Stooges!

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