Card Check: Sign or Else! (Vote Expected Thursday)

By June 19, 2007Labor Unions

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did not file a motion to proceed Monday on H.R. 800, the brazenly named Employee Free Choice Act, which means the cloture vote is almost certain to occur Thursday. Some more updates:

  • The Center for Union Facts is running full-page ads and TV spots warning against the coercion, intimidation and not-so-veiled threats that passage of the card-check legislation would produce. The 30-second TV ad is effective because it’s realistic — although the ominous backing music helps — portraying the kind of pressure that employees face from union organizers during card check campaigns.
  • AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney is attacking the NAM and other members of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace. The “euphemistically named” coalition, Sweeney says. Pffft. This from an advocate of a bill that would abridge or destroy “employee free choice.” Our coalition is in favor of secret ballots and employee votes made free of intimidation, essential tools of democracy.
  • Here’s another bizarre assertion from Sweeney:

    The NLRB process makes a mockery of democracy—and corporations focused solely on the bottom line want to keep it just that way. No political figure in America could win an election under the one-sided NLRB process.

    Oh, John? Labor unions won 61.5 percent of the NLRB-supervised elections in 2006, and the percentage of union victories has increased the last 10 years in a row. Unions ARE winning elections under your NLRB “mockery of democracy,” and the process is obviously not stacked against labor. Sweeney is practicing the Big Lie.

  • The AFL-CIO played an exceptional and praiseworthy role in the fight against Soviet tyranny, which truly oppressed labor rights, most notably in the union’s active and often covert support of Poland’s Solidarity movement. How sad that a once positive force for voting rights and freedom of association in Poland has abandoned those principles at home.
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