Card Check: Senate Debate Under Way

By June 25, 2007Labor Unions

Senate Byron Dorgan, D-ND, just finished a floor speech in support of grossly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, invoking Poland’s Solidarity movement and Lech Walesa. U.S. employees can achieve Walesa’s level of heroism only by losing their right to a secret ballot, Dorgan claims. Did we hear that right?

Apparently so, because Senator Orrin Hatch, R-UT, is now rebutting Dorgan with a passion. Having spoken with Walesa, Hatch says, it’s hard to imagine the Solidarity leader understood union activism to mean card check. Seems safe to say.

Cloture vote tomorrow. Contact your Senators to oppose the attack on the secret ballot by clicking here.

UPDATE (5:35 p.m.) We’ve blogged so much on this issue that we may have overlooked the reality that not everyone has followed this issue that closely or knows the ins and outs of the legislation. So it’s really by good fortune that Woodruff Imberman of Imberman and DeForest, Inc., has written an analysis of card check from the perspective of the drycleaning industry. A thorough piece on many related issues.

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