Card Check: No, No Need to Worry About Bullying

By June 26, 2007Labor Unions

Richard Hankins at EFCAUpdates makes a worthy observation after seeing the immediate bullying, threatening and overheated rhetoric from Big Labor after the defeat of the Employee Free Choice Act. Hankins, too, spotted this passage from the AFL-CIO blog and comments:

The AFL-CIO’s blog summed things up thusly:

On a vote of 51-48, the Senate voted for cloture, that is, shutting off debate. Sixty votes were needed to invoke cloture and end the debate and move to a vote on the bill. So even though a majority of the Senate voted for cloture, a small group of Republicans denied workers a free choice to join a union.

We make two observations at this point. First, when labor’s allies immediately threaten all-out political war against United States Senators who disagree with them, is it hard to understand why some might be worried about union intimidation of an average worker who might not want to sign an authorization card? Second, when labor refers to 48% as a “small group,” isn’t it reasonable to question the reliability of other statistics it might cite?

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