Card Check: Harsh Criticism Levied at Labor

By June 30, 2007Labor Unions

A rough attack against Big Labor and their allies in Congress, following defeat of the dialectically named Employee Free Choice Act:

The collapse of the AFL-CIO cannot be explained by employer hostility or the provisions of current labor law—otherwise, how was it possible for workers to build mass industrial unions in the 1930s, under conditions of widespread employer and state violence that turned many labor struggles into pitched battles?

The vast majority of working people see the AFL-CIO and the other bureaucratized trade unions as irrelevant, impotent, or downright reactionary, and for good reason. The last half century has seen an almost uninterrupted decay of the labor movement, to the point where an entire generation of the working class has grown to maturity without ever witnessing a serious and militant national strike by a major union—something which is true of no other period in US history since the American Civil War.

From the World Socialist Website, published by the International Committee of the Fourth International.

Meanwhile, the People’s Weekly World editorializes that the class struggle shall continue. Funny, the column looks just like a list of talking points from Big Labor. Lousy Social-Democrats.

P.S. The original post missed the PWW’s commentary.

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